Sunday, January 30, 2011

Update for January 29, 2011

Well I haven't been very motivated to stitch the last few days. I got started on project #6 a very nites ago and then realized that I was using the wrong color fabric. Luckily I hadn't stitched too much before I noticed it. So I did a bit of frogging and got project #6 started last nite on the right color fabric. I have been working steadily on this since about noon. I actually did something that is on my "Want To Try" list. I used metallic thread for the first time. It's slow going but it looks fantastic. However, I just realized that I made a huge mistake. I was suppose to do the metallic stitching in half stitches not full stitches so I'm gonna have to do some frogging again. I don't know how long it will take because of the metallic thread. I'm going to put it up for now as I have to work in about an hour. I will pick it up again after I get home from work which will be around 9 pm. Just wanted to update you!

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