Friday, January 21, 2011

January 21, 2011

Well as you can see from my slideshows I have gotten quite a bit of stitching done since my last entry. It feels sooo good. I've been taking a picture after every step to show my progress. It's been fun!!

I had to do a bit of unstitching yesterday. Not a biggie. I messed up on the blue girl's head somewhere. Not sure where exactly so I had to do a bit of frogging.

I had my days and nites all confused there for awhile. So I stayed up all day yesterday stitching. Then I had to leave for work. I took one delivery (I'm a pizza delivery driver), and my car broke down. Right in the middle of an intersection. So for now I'm without a vehicle. No better time to stitch right. I did get my days and nites switched back around thankfully. I just didn't get much stitching done after getting home from work. Well I'm going to get to stitching. Have a great day!

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